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POP JOY is a mobile game company that strives to make massively popular global games by embracing games with original features and gameplay. We hope our fans can enjoy a refreshing experience.

 Dedicated to making excellent games

Dedicated to making excellent games

POPJOY is a mobile game developer specialized in real time multi-play battle. We have experienced both development and global service on SRPG titles. We are working on new title which obtained IP license from Cartoon network of TURNER. It's CARTOO NETWORK ARENA which is real time PvP battle game in various arenas and is starring all star characters from Cartoon network IP such as Adventure time, Ben 10, Power puff girls, Steven Universe and so on. we have a plan to launch at the end of this year, starting from South East Asia, going to Asia Pacific until north Ameria and Europe region. It will be a global one build service that supports serveral local languages. The lastest build stands at Beta stage and next will be going for soft launch in 2017. We are looking for partner as global publisher.

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Our Newest Development:

CARTOON NETWORK ARENA! With various gameplay modes, global online multi-player matching, and real-time strategy between characters, we are striving to make a game that will be in the palm of everyones hand! Bringing the world together through light, but mid-core content.

Our Newest Development:
Introduction of Cartoon Network Arena

Introduction of Cartoon Network Arena

Cartoon Network Arena is a mid-core mobile strategy game for the global market. It provides global service for real time PvP battle, Cartoon allstars: over 80 units and 10 arenas adapted from original Cartoon Network IP, and various game modes like 2-on-2 kingdom battle mode and scenario mode

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Cartoon Network Arena is a multi-faceted game that has been extensively planned to engage players on a global and personal level.

Global Matching

With massive user base all around the world using one build, the battles are endless

Real-time Summoning

Battle by summoning units in a real-time battle against opponents

Various Modes

Modes include normal battle, Win Card battle, and scenario

Past Games

Our past games have included online multi-player RPGs

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